Facility Support Services

Goldbelt Eagle employs over 90 technicians and professionals providing site operations support services to the NETL at both the Pittsburgh, PA, and Morgantown, WV sites. Services included all facets of work control, engineering, logistical support, motor pool operations, and all elements of facility maintenance, including maintenance of switchgears, electrical distribution systems, generator, energy management systems, backflow preventer, chiller, and recycling.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance staff is comprised of registered Professional Engineers (PE), Certified Plant Maintenance Managers (CPMM), Certified Plant Engineers (CPE), and Certified Professional Property Managers (CPPM), as well as highly qualified logisticians, procurement specialists, and work-control specialists. The management staff is experienced in working with both represented and non-represented work forces, and has demonstrated the ability to reduce grievances made by labor through focused communication and clear delineation of work to be performed by the various trades.

Goldbelt Eagle employs a scheduled maintenance program that utilizes Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Teams, operating on a regular building-by-building schedule.  These teams are managed by the Scheduled Maintenance Department, with work plans approved periodically by the clients’ representatives.  Unscheduled maintenance, such as custom work and emergency repairs, are accomplished by the Maintenance on Demand (MOD) Teams or other craft personnel as authorized by the client. The work classified as Other Structures and Facilities (OSF), which includes all utility systems and specialty facilities such as pilot plants, is also managed by the Unscheduled Maintenance Department. Craft personnel perform work classified as Alterations and/or Services when approved by the client for entry into the work order system. Third party contracts for facilities maintenance, repair, alterations, and renovations flow through the work order control system for management and data capture for accurate benchmarking of maintenance costs.

We provide Routine and Preventive Maintenance on Electrical, HVACR, Water/Waste Water, and Central Energy Plant Boiler-Steam and Natural Gas Systems.